Convenience for everyday use

Coverseal is the perfect way to make your life easier.

Your pool is as beautiful open or closed.

Closed, you benefit from all advantages of a hermetically sealed cover that keeps your pool safe and clean.

Open, you discover a perfectly clear water.

Operation at the touch of a button

Coverseal is very easy, convenient and quick to use.

At the touch of a button on the control device, you can extend or retract your pool cover

by moving the mechanism along the length of the pool, from one end to the other. It takes less than 1 minute for Coverseal to cover or uncover a 13-metre pool.

As the mechanism moves over the pool, it automatically unrolls or rolls up the cover.

Renewable energy

Coverseal is fitted with an electric motor powered by batteries that are recharged by two solar panels. The mechanism is therefore fully independent, with no need for electrical connections. The batteries are recharged directly by the solar panels, using daylight, reducing your impact on the environment.


Easy to access

Coverseal has an above-ground mechanism that is very easy to access for maintenance, servicing or technical assistance.