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  • Can I walk on the Coverseal to clean it?

    There is no need to walk on it to clean it, the hose of your low-pressure cleaner or a telescopic shaft will suffice.  On the other hand, you will be safe walking on it in flat-soled shoes, but above all not in heels!

  • Can I walk on the membrane ?

    Yes, our product is designed in line with the most rigorous safety standards. Nevertheless, this is a safety cover and not a play area. We therefore strongly advise against letting children, adults or animals walk about on the membrane or use it as a trampoline, which could damage it. In addition, when the membrane is wet, you will be greatly at risk of slipping and likely to fall onto the edge of the swimming pool beneath the membrane.

  • Is the membrane hard-wearing?

    Even though this application is new (swimming pool cover), this material has been used in construction for numerous years, to build superstructures like exhibition centres, for example.

    The company that manufactures this membrane is called Serge Ferrari and is the global leader on this market.

    What is more, Coverseal meets the most exacting standards, in particular NF P90-308 of December 2013.

    It comprises a membrane held by flexible armature and realised in high resilience pre-stressed PET micro-cables coated with several layers of polymer which is capable of withstanding a very high weight (several tonnes) and springs back to its initial form after warping.

  • Is it mandatory to have the cover within sight while you are operating it?

    Yes, in fact that is demanded by the AFNOR standard NF P90-308 of December 2013, and ensures an optimum level of safety.

  • Can you operate the Coverseal using a smartphone?

    No, for safety reasons. It must be ensured that the user has the pool within sight before each opening/closing.

  • Can I use the casing as a diving-board or bench?

    No, repeated shocks on the casing could damage the mechanism and/or excessive pressure could cause deformation of the casing for which Coverseal could not be held responsible.

  • Can I perform shock treatments (chlorine shock/ huge addition of salt) when a Coverseal is on?

    Yes, you can perform this type of treatment but you are advised to leave the Coverseal open for 24/48h in order to avoid strong concentrations/emissions of chemical products which could damage your Coverseal.

  • What is the overwintering switch? When do I need to move it to OFF?

    The overwintering switch (Automatic model) allows the receiver to be remotely deactivated to save your batteries during the low season when sunshine is at its weakest.

    It must be moved to OFF from 1st September to 1st May.  Otherwise, the batteries risk becoming severely drained and will have to be replaced.

  • What do I need to do to prepare my Coverseal for the winter?

    Strictly from a Coverseal point of view, you only need to close your cover and move your overwintering switch to OFF (Automatic model).

    Nevertheless, it is advisable to check your water level and clear your solar panels (Automatic model) in the event of heavy snowfall.

  • How do I clean the membrane and the casing?

    It is possible to clean the membrane and casing with water, a pH neutral soap or a soft brush. In the case of an automatic model, do not forget to clean the solar panels as well. If you wish, we can also offer you a cleaning contract so that you can be sure that the membrane is clean at the start of every season.

  • Can you use a power hose to clean the membrane?

    Yes, but by lowering the intensity of the jet, and a pH neutral soap can also be used. If you wish, we can offer you a cleaning contract so that you can be sure that the membrane is clean at the start of every season.

  • What maintenance do I need to perform?

    Our most recent covers equipped with aluminium rails do not need any particular maintenance, however you are strongly advised to clean the rails and mechanism regularly in order to eliminate all detritus (sand, earth, branches, leaves, etc.) that impairs the Coverseal’s smooth functioning. You can also do this work yourself by scrupulously following the cleaning manual, or we can also take care of it via our cleaning contract if you wish.

  • How do I perform manual maintenance?

    You need to disconnect the motor, open the casing trapdoor situated on the opposite side from the wired remote control, position the extension cable and then insert the ratchet key in it.  A front to back movement will allow you to open or close the cover. For a more visual explanation, refer to the operating manual.