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Because your project is unique, a fully tailored cover is required, in terms of dimensions, colours, and technology alike. To meet all your needs, we have designed 3 different collections, which can be perfectly adapted to your use.

The “Semi-Automatic” is characterised by a control unit equipped with batteries that can be charged on your domestic electrical supply within hours. Once this unit is charged, a couple of dozen opening/closing cycles are possible. Making your basin safe or uncovering it to enjoy it is effortless, in less than one minute. You will find that your water is cleaner, healthier and warmer. Should you forget to recharge the control unit, manual opening is always an option.

This model is the perfect compromise for those seeking a high performing cover at the right price.

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Collection info

  • Tailor-made
  • Automatic system
  • X colour combinations possible
  • membrane thickness · 0,5 MM
  • specific · remote control
  • managed budget
  • Technical sheet

A customisable swimming pool cover

Coverseal will allow you to preserve your pool’s harmony while perfectly adapting to the last detail of its environment.


The membrane

All our covers are made to measure and are customisable. A range of membrane colours allows our cover to fit perfectly and fully discreetly into your pool’s environment.

  • RAL 9005
  • RAL 5002
  • RAL 5015
  • RAL 6026
  • RAL 7035
  • RAL 7037
  • RAL 1015

The casing

You can also choose the color of the powder-coated aluminum casing. Once again, this is a unique product that will meet your every need and desire.

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  • Closing sensor