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  • Is the pool’s safety assured by the Coverseal?

    Once the Coverseal is closed, it will make your pool safe for one adult and one child equally under compliance with the strictest standards (AFNOR NF P90-308 of December 2013).

  • What are the colourway options for the membrane and the casing?

    The membrane can be made in 6 different colours: grey (7037), beige (1015), light blue (5015), dark blue (5013), black (9005), green (6026).  The casing (as an option for the Manual and Semi-Automatic models) is available in the RAL (K7 Classic selection) of your choice (except fluorescent).

  • Where is the Coverseal manufactured?

    The Coverseal is made in Belgium according to European patents (to consult the patents, click here).  The product came into being more than 10 years ago and is marketed across several European countries (Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Norway...) and in the Middle East. In short, in numerous countries where climate conditions (high or low temperatures, frost, snow, etc.) can be very trying. For information, the designer of this product is by no means new to the game, having invented fast-opening flexible doors in the 80s.  Following that, he set up a factory in the United States and a production licence was awarded to his stock-listed company in Japan.

  • Are there any technical incompatibilities with a Coverseal?

    • A water level that is too low (in the event of snow) or too high
    • A concave support surface
    • An incline towards the interior pool
    • Some support surfaces (stone carpet, hollow composite, slope > 4%, etc.)

    Our technical department will be pleased to support you and answer your questions.

  • Do I need to provide cabling/an electrical supply for the Coverseal?

    The Coverseal works entirely via either photovoltaic panels that recharge the built-in batteries (Automatic model) or external batteries fitted in the control unit, which recharges independently of the mechanism (Semi-Automatic model).  For the Manual model, muscle power will suffice!

    The only specific case requiring an electrical supply is an indoor pool. We have developed a safe and perfectly adapted solution.

  • What is the guarantee period of an installed Coverseal?

    All products installed by us are eligible for the 2-year European guarantee, travel and parts included. Since the Coverseal is distributed in numerous countries, please refer to our partners’ general conditions of sale in this regard.

  • How long does it take to install the Coverseal?

    How long installing the Coverseal takes very much depends on the size of the pool and the specifications of the support surface. For a pool of about 8m by 4m, installation takes 4 to 5 hrs. on average.

  • What are the actuators for?

    Actuators are an option available on the Automatic model, with the primary aim of allowing the Coverseal to travel over larger obstacles, reducing the length of the cover when closed and optimising water tightness.  However, numerous customers choose this option from a purely aesthetic point of view since they find the casing more elegant when it is placed on the ground once immobile. A hint for recognising an Automatic model with actuators: the casing is square, whereas it is rectangular on the model without actuators.

  • What are the dimensions of the rails?

    There are 2 types of rails: standard rails and all-terrain rails.  In the great majority of cases, standard rails are fitted. Their dimensions are 36mm wide by 10mm high.  They were designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and not to be a tripping or toe-stubbing hazard! The rails are never empty, the belt is always there, which prevents you from getting your toes stuck...

  • How does the Automatic system work when there is no sun?

    The system of photovoltaic panels charges the batteries, whatever the weather conditions are.  The panels need light above all and not necessarily a blue sky.

  • What is the batteries’ lifetime?

    The lifetime of the batteries in the Automatic and Semi-Automatic models is about 4 to 6 years under normal conditions of use.  However, when weather conditions are very unusual (very high or very low temperatures), the batteries’ lifetime may be impaired.  Alternatively, you may have forgotten to move the remote overwintering switch to OFF from the 1st September to the 1st May. Since there is not enough sun during that period, the batteries will be very severely drained and will need to be replaced...

  • What is the membrane’s lifetime (due to wear)?

    It needs to be estimated that the membrane will need replacement after 10-12 years under normal conditions of use and depending on the environment as well as climate of the country where the Coverseal is sold (frost, snow, extreme heat, sand etc.).

  • Does the membrane stay perfectly taut?

    Optically, the membrane appears perfectly taut even though there is a slight sag (about 1cm/m width). Having said that, unlike existing systems (e.g.: tarp with rods or overwintering tarp), water will not stagnate on it thanks to the tautness and the evacuation holes situated in the centre of the membrane. There will also not be any resulting accumulation of dirt trapped in potential puddles. If there were any leaves on the membrane, a light wind would be enough to clear them.

  • Are there variations in performance (resilience, safety, insulation, etc.) between your different models?

    No, our 3 models meet the same technical requirements and protect your pool in the same way.  Only the aesthetics and convenience of use digger according to the model chosen.

  • Is the membrane likely to change colour? And what about the casing (hide the word box or chest)?

    Yes, there will be slight discolouration as the years pass, like all materials exposed to the sun. This will be more noticeable on very dark membranes (e.g.: black).

    The chest itself is thermo-lacquered like a car’s bodywork.

    That means the paint is highly durable in the long term and suited to the pool environment (e.g.: chlorine). The casing may be scratched if you play with certain objects near it, and use as a diving board is prohibited!

  • What is the insulation (R) value of the Coverseal?

    Unfortunately, too many factors come into play concerning any theoretical calculation of the Coverseal’s insulation value (delta T°, mass of air trapped beneath the membrane, wind, rain, etc.). It is therefore not possible to put a figure on this, but the Coverseal guarantees you almost perfect water tightness which blocks almost all evaporation. Heat loss is accordingly reduced.

  • Do I need to make equipment available to the fitters?

    Our fitters have all the equipment they need to install your Coverseal in their call-out vehicles. Nevertheless, they must have access to an electrical socket and a water inlet.

  • Can you install a Cover seal on a wooden terrace?

    The Coverseal can be placed on nearly all types of support surfaces along as they are sufficiently dense and firmly anchored to make sure they do not warp or shift with time.

  • Is a cleaning contract available?

    Yes, we can offer you a cleaning contract which will comprise cleaning of the membrane, the casing, the rails and the mechanism in order to eliminate all detritus that impairs the Coverseal’s smooth functioning. We will take advantage of the occasion to perform a mechanical and electrical check on the Coverseal.

  • I wish to order: will you be visiting? How will I know if the setup is possible?

    Of course we are planning to perform a technical inspection to determine the exact dimensions of your cover! But be aware that we work solely to measure and our video conference meeting is solely aimed at determining the project’s feasibility and price.

  • Are there standard dimensions for the Coverseal? How can I be sure that it will be right for my surroundings?

    The Coverseal is tailor-made so that it is optimally safe and best suited to our customers’ surroundings.

  • Why do you not intend to take the dimensions on diagrams/before the end of the installation works?

    We need to define the cover’s dimensions down to the last centimetre in order to avoid obstacles (e.g.: technical unit), inspect potential inclines, grouting or jutting stones (breakage), obtain a more aesthetic result, etc., and be assured that the cover produced can be positioned once manufactured (we hold no stock).

  • What is the delivery/installation period?

    The delivery/installation period is around 6 to 10 weeks depending on season once the technical inspection has been performed (completed works). Having said that, it is vital that the support surface is completely finished so that we can define the exist dimensions of the Cover seal, taking all external parameters into account (electrical unit, skimmer, inclines, grouting, support surface specificities, etc.).

  • Is the Coverseal expensive?

    This is an exclusive product, made in Belgium and intended for a demanding clientele. Developing the product and making it compliant are very costly given the volume (1500 units/year). Compared with the price of a high quality immersed cover (10 to 12k), of a condemned pool and overwintering tarp per metre (2 to 4k), the overall price is similar for enhanced safety, cleanliness and overall aesthetics.

  • Does the Coverseal cut down photosynthesis?

    The Coverseal will allow you to strongly reduce photosynthesis, augment the quality of your water and therefore lower the use of treatment products that are not always very economical (or ecological) and often harmful to the skin.

  • Is the Coverseal a product for all seasons?

    The Coverseal is indeed an all-seasons product, providing total safety and security for the winter and ensuring that you find a clean pool at the start of the season. Its easy opening will also allow you to bathe as soon as the first rays of sun come out or every morning before you start your day.

  • Does the Coverseal let dirt in? Will my pool stay clean with a Coverseal?

    One of the numerous advantages of the Covers is that it is not in the pool and in contact with the water but tensed above it. It therefore shelters the water from exterior dirt and keeps it clean. Given that it stays perfectly taut, there will be no accumulation of dirt trapped in potential puddles. The wind will suffice to blow away any contaminating objects deposited on the membrane.

  • Why a Coverseal?

    • Safety: It is able to bear the weight of several persons (even several tonnes) as long as the required water level is maintained
    • Insulation: It strongly limits the evaporation of water and maintains its temperature
    • Water cleanliness: It shelters water from exterior dirt
    • Water purity: It reduces photosynthesis and the use of products
    • Savings: It reduces water consumption, maintenance products and energy requirement
    • All-season: It does not require any additional products during the winter period
    • Convenience of use: It opens effortlessly with the aid of a remote control (Semi-Automatic and Automatic models)
    • Design: It is very unobtrusive, causes little clutter and fits in perfectly with the pool’s surroundings (choice of colourway)
  • Do I need to plan anything for the winter?

    In addition to its other advantages, our product also performs the role of an overwintering tarp and therefore does not require the fitting of additional equipment for the winter. Having said that, the water level must remain “normal” in order to provide support to the membrane in the event of heavy snowfall.

  • Why a Coverseal rather than a pool cover?

    Unlike an immersed or above-ground pool cover, the Coverseal is genuinely a product for all seasons. It will bring you greater cleanliness, safety and insulation than any other cover available on the market. Compared with a cover with solar slats, Coverseal will allow you to cut down photosynthesis and so augment the quality of your water and lower the use of treatment products that are not always very economical (or ecological) and often harmful to the skin.

  • Why a Coverseal rather than a pool shelter?

    Unlike a pool shelter, and this is regardless of the manufacturer, the Coverseal is more convenient to use, insulated and unobtrusive. It will also allow you to cut down photosynthesis and so augment the quality of your water and lower the use of treatment products that are not always very economical (or ecological) and often harmful to the skin.

  • Why a Coverseal rather than an overwintering tarp?

    Unlike an overwintering tarp, the Coverseal is a product for all seasons that will bring you greater convenience of use, cleanliness, insulation... These are 2 completely different products with such different advantages – such as budget – that they cannot be compared!